Guns N’ Roses Biography


Guns N’ Roses is a hard rock band that lit fires in the hearts of hard rock fans for decades. Their debut album, Appetite for Destruction, reached number one on Billboards 200 after a year of its release. The blockbuster hit album sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, forging the position of the best-selling debut album of all time in the US. So far, Guns N’ Roses have sold more than 100 million records worldwide, which makes them one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time.

The band formed in 1985, and originally consisted of Axl Rose, Slash, Steven Adler, Duff McKagan, and Izzy Stradlin. The current lineup includes Rose, Slash, and McKagan from the original lineup, while Dizzy Reed, Melissa Reese, Richard Fortus, and Frank Ferrer joined later on. However, their road to success wasn’t as easy as it might appear. The individual members of the band roamed across Los Angeles in pursuit of stardom for years. They tried their luck at everything they could lay their hands on – be it Indie Works or big budget studios. Nothing had worked in their favor, until this band of misfits and metalheads gathered in one place. Together, their frequencies had a resonance effect. Their music had a surreal quality, unlike anything ever heard in the hard rock scene. Their combined work punched a huge hole in the world of rock music, which was already cluttered with many stars of the era like Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, Six Pistols, and others. Among the giants, Guns N’ Roses roared like a lion. More importantly, the crowds were pulled to the roars of their instruments like mice were to the Pied Piper’s flute.

While music played its part, the band members’ infamy had its role to play in their success as well. By the age of 20, Axl Rose, a high school dropout, had to his credit everything from public intoxication to criminal trespassing charges against him. Duff McKagan, the bassist, not to be left behind, purportedly had stolen more than 130 automobiles. The whole bunch leveraged their notoriety to gain an instant fan-following among white teens. The posters for their debut album shouted, “Addicted: Only the Strong Survive.” And hence, a legend was born.

Their band’s nickname, “the most dangerous band in the world”, is worth every word.

Their debut album, Appetite for Destruction owes its success primarily to Sweet Child O’ Mine. MTV began to feature the number after a year of its release, which brought a massive audience for the album. Next came GN’R Lies, which reached No.2 on Billboard 200. The single from the album, Patience, hit the No.4 rank in the US. The album created a lot of controversy for multiple reasons. Commentators lamented that Rose somehow distilled every form of hatred and prejudice into just song, One in a Million. The album cover was then modified to remove misogynistic statements.

Thereafter, came the twin albums, Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II in 1991. Use Your Illusion I got a spot on Billboard 200 at No.2, and Use Your Illusion II secured the No.1 spot. This was followed by The Spaghetti Incident?, after which its members, Slash and McKagan, part ways with the group. The two would later rejoin the group in 2016. The fans of Guns N’ Roses had to wait more than an excruciating decade before the release of their next album, Chinese Democracy (2008). The album reportedly cost an unbelievable $14 million to produce, and is the most expensive rock album to be ever produced.

Guns N’ Roses is credited for reviving rock music in the 1980s. For this, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. With a subscription to a fast Internet service provider you can watch a lot of Guns N’ Roses videos online.

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The Odd Couple: Fans’ Mixed Feelings

Starring Mathew Perry and Thomas Lennon, The Odd Couple follows the lives of two guys who have both been kicked out by their wives. They decide to share an apartment, but their differences make for a troubled life.


The comedy has only aired for one season, but it’s set to come back next year for a second. With a few big names starring in the show, it’s already has managed to gain a rather large viewership, but it seems fans have mixed feelings about the show.

On IMDb, The Odd Couple has received a rating of 6.3/10. users have given it a rotten 24%. The stars of the show, though, are holding their heads and hopes high and say much more is in store for the second season.

Reviewers of the show all have just about the same critique: it’s not very funny. An unfortunately for this show, that’s about the worst critique a comedy can get.


Fans say the jokes seem canned and the dialog stiff. Others add the laugh track becomes noticeable and almost annoying when you hear it “laughing along without you.” Fans and critics have been harsh, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped the producers.

Airing weekly on CBS, the first season’s episodes had a great chance for gained viewership since it was set to air after the Big Bang Theory. But, viewers who gave the show a chance said it simply didn’t live up to their expectations.

With the great comedy fans of Matthew Perry have begun to expect ever since his iconic role on Friends, it seems the majority of The Odd Couple viewers were basically disappointed at the jokes. Many said they felt forced, and others mentioned the dialog was just “stale sounding.”


But, it seems those who like the show love the show, with many stepping up to defend the series even when it was just a few episodes in. Critics have responded to these reactions, questioning if fans were defending the show itself, or the actors (with most obviously speculating the latter).

Even with reviewers saying it was a little too heavy on the laugh track and too light on the jokes, many say they plan to see what’s in store for next season, with most of the harsh reviewers pointing out that they realize some series take a while to get on their feet.

Critics have continued to down the show, with most adding that Matthew Perry’s fan base is likely the reason the show is being given a second chance. Whatever the case is, viewers are hoping next season will have more comedy in store. While it wouldn’t be the first failed series with a big star, viewers of The Odd Couple have continued defending it by adding the casting was strong, and some saying the concept was original (which is far-fetched to say the least).

The Odd Couple is obviously based on a common premise in comedy: take two people who are completely opposite in character, stick them together, and see what happens. Viewers who disliked the show took the chance to point out the “bland plot” and some contradicted the show’s personal defendants by stating that both the concept and jokes are “very unoriginal.”

No matter what side you stand on regarding originality, whether you’ve watched The Odd Couple yet or not, you will have the chance to see it air next year. CBS hasn’t made any further plans beyond the second season, though, and critics aren’t letting off of the show’s lack of jokes and abundance of laugh-track recordings.

Even though the show is getting a good amount of negative attention, CBS is standing by the series with the hope of turning it around during season two. The stars haven’t said too much about the show’s success, but both have stated they think season two is going to be a lot stronger.

Fans of both Matthew and The Odd Couple may just end up giving the series a second chance to redeem itself next time around, and those who had a negative experience with the first season have admitted they will be returning to see what the show can do. Until then, debates and critiques of the show are still being thrown around, and interviews with the stars have revealed that the show did end up doing pretty well during the first 13-episode run (at least good enough to justify season 2). No matter what the second season entails, there’s a good chance many viewers will be returning with an open mind. When you sign up for one of these Dish Network Packages you can watch many of the old episodes.

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Things You Didn’t Know About Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Strain’

the strain


The Strain is an American horror drama television series that premiered on FX on July 13, 2014. The show’s source material is a trilogy of the same name, created by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, both of whom are well known within the horror world. The series originally ran for 13 episodes, with del Toro and Hogan writing the pilot. In August of last year, FX renewed The Strain for a second season, also consisting of 13 episodes. Filming began in November of that same year.


Overall, The Strain has received generally positive reviews. On Metacritic, the show received an overall rating of 72 out of 100 based on 38 reviews. Similarly, on Rotten Tomatoes, The Strain holds a Certified Fresh rating of 87%, with an average score of 7.4 out of 10. The site’s consensus states, “The Strain makes the most of its familiar themes through an effective mix of supernatural thrills and B-movie gore.”

When an unidentified plane lands in the John F. Kennedy International Airport with the lights off and doors sealed, a team of doctors is sent to investigate. Among them is CDC epidemiologist Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and Dr. Nora Martinez.

Boarding the plane, they don’t expect to find anything good, all of them anticipating a tragic plane crash. Instead, the team of doctors manages to find four survivors amidst the 206 lifeless bodies. The bodies are strange in that they show no signs of blood loss, but they’re sent to the morgue all the same. However, they don’t remain there for long, Soon, Dr. Goodman and his team find themselves battling for the survival of the city, as well as the entire human population, as an ancient evil threatens to annihilate them all.

Del Toro originally pitched The Strain to Fox in 2006, but negotiations turned south when the Fox president asked the show to be a comedy, instead. He was then instructed by an agent to expand the concept as a novel series. Of course, del Toro had qualms with this idea, as well, though his concerns were more related to his personal failings. “I’ve written short stories in Spanish and English. I’ve written screenplays. But I’m not good at forensic novels. I’m not good at hazmat language and that CSI-style precision. When Stoker wrote Dracula, it was very modern, a CSI sort of novel. I wanted to give The Strain a procedural feel, where everything seems real.”


Eventually, del Toro convinced Hogan to collaborate with him after having read the first page or so of del Toro’s project outline. The two began writing together, releasing the first installment of the series in 2009, The Strain. It was followed in 2010 by The Fall and in 2011 by The Night Eternal. After the first book, however, cable companies vied for the duo’s attention, wanting to write a cable show for the series, but del Toro and Hogan declined. They didn’t want to be influenced by a cinematic production of their series. After the third book, they went to FX, the most suitable of the cable companies, as they wanted to remain as close to the original series as possible, while providing 3 to 5 seasons for the show to tell its story. Just go here to find home entertainment opportunities from Charter Spectrum.

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Why Brooklyn Nine Nine Is Successful


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most popular comedies currently airing—not only has the show been receiving good ratings, it has also been receiving very good press from critics as well as viewers. The show has definitely benefitted from word of mouth, as its ratings have increased in recent episodes and more people than ever are tweeting, blogging and posting about the show. But why has Brooklyn Nine Nine become so successful? Let’s take a look at the top three reasons that the show has become a hit.

It’s not yet another cop drama

Let’s face it: there are just too many cop dramas on television. And yes, that includes the many different incarnations of Law and Order. People who love cop dramas have more than enough shows to choose from; and people who are tired of them certainly don’t want to watch ‘yet another’ one. That is why Brooklyn Nine Nine’s comedic take on a police precinct is so refreshing—it simply hasn’t been done in many years. The show is essentially a “workplace” comedy that just so happens to be set in a police precinct.


The cast is hilarious

It’s hard to find a comedy cast that is as well-rounded and yet consistently hilarious as the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine. The cast includes comedy veteran Andy Samberg; Stephanie Beatriz; Melissa Fumero;  and Andre Braugher in its main cast. Each of these characters—from the main cast all the way down to the shortest of the show’s many guest stars—has managed to imbue their character and performance with realistic comedic wit.

It has heart

The show, while essentially a workplace comedy is not above tugging at your heartstrings or interweaving some dramatic or realistic elements into the story that aren’t always about the laughs. Captain Holt’s character is often a source of these heartfelt moments; in one episode, for example, Holt is threatened by the Commissioner after the Commissioner’s son is caught vandalizing police cars. Holt responds to the Commissioner’s threat with what is now one of the show’s most famous quotes: “you’re gonna have to try a little harder if you want to scare me. I’ve been an openly gay cop since 1987, so you’re not the first superior officer to threaten me. You know how I’m still standing here? ’Cause I do my job. And I do it right.” You can find more information on Brooklyn Nine-Nine here.


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4 Films that Should Have Won Leonardo Dicaprio the Oscar

It’s become something of an internet trend to lament the lack of an Oscar for actor Leonardo Dicaprio the trend has spawned countless jokes, memes and even video parodies. But underneath the humor is a rather important question: Is there a film performance by Leonardo Dicaprio that should have been awarded with an Oscar? The answer? A definite yet—in fact, multiple “yes”es.


What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Let’s start with the most obvious performance which should have earned Dicaprio an Oscar: his performance as Arnie Grape, a mentally disabled young child at the heart of the family drama, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape  To prepare for his role as Arnie, Dicaprio reportedly spent time with mentally disabled children in order to create an authentic performance that did not make a caricature of the role of Arnie. The result is a thoroughly authentic performance that was so realistic, that many in the press believed that the upcoming actor had a legitimate disability.

Django Unchained

Dicaprio’s performance as the ruthless and cruel Monsieur Candy in Django Unchained was one of the more surprising performances from this actor, who is more well known in popular culture for his roles as charming (if thieving) men. As Candy, Dicaprio has all the outward appearances of a charmer—until he begins torturing and murdering human beings. Dicaprio was able to fully embody this terrible character so well that the audience no longer sees “Dicaprio” underneath the role.

Revolutionary Road

Perhaps Leonardo Dicaprio’s biggest Oscar snub came in Revolutionary Road  based on a novel of the same name, in which he starred with his former Titanic co-star, Kate Winslet. In Revolutionary Road, Dicaprio and Winslet play a married couple who are struggling with the limits and stresses caused by suburban life in the 1940s. Dicaprio’s character struggles with the boredom and pointlessness of his white collar desk job, while Winslet’s character wants to throw aside her housewife apron and seek out the adventure that the couple once promised themselves they would have.


The most striking thing about Dicaprio’s performance here is that it explores the struggles of men’s roles in the 1940s without trying to “one-up” or demoralize the struggles of women. Dicaprio is able to emotionally capture the stress, frustration and difficulty of living the ideal life of suburbia when it goes against everything his character once wanted for himself. Take a look at other entertainment options that you can watch online.

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The First “Master Chef Junior” Champion Has Been Crowned!

Things really started to heat up in the kitchen as the first ever Master Chef Junior finale took place. It was down to Dara and Alexander, both young chefs with extraordinary talent. Dara has won the judge’s respect with her Asian-inspired dishes, and Alexander’s performance has been stellar all along. It is perhaps one of the closest battles seen in a Master Chef series, and both competitors brought their A-game for the chance to be the first-ever Master Chef Junior champion.




The battle begins as the two competitors visit the pantry for their last selection of ingredients. They are greeted with a Skype call from their families, and the competition begins once the pantry time has ended. Emotions were high as the two young chefs worked their magic. Master Chef winner Luca was on hand to cheer on the young chefs, and touching scenes occurred as Alexander lent Dara some powdered sugar she forgot. The show’s former competitors were on hand also, cheering on their peers and making funny faces.


Dara cooked up her usual Asian-inspired offerings, beginning with an especially impressive two-part appetizer and a stunning main dish. Alexander’s appetizer wasn’t as appealing (as Gordon said, the ingredients were visually beautiful, but no serious technique was apparent), but he won the night with his perfectly-cooked veal chop and gnocchi. His gnocchi was remarked upon by all the judges as spectacular enough to be its own stand-alone meal. It was a very close match, but Alexander was eventually chosen as the first ever Master Chef Junior winner.


Some viewers seem to be up in arms about the decision, but Alexander has been a strong competitor throughout the season, and I’m sure the final choice was far from easy. The judges made good points about both dishes, and their expert opinions run the show. It may be important to remember also that Dara really only showed us one side throughout the competition with her Asian-inspired dishes. While this isn’t a bad thing in the slightest, variety is the spice of life. If she had left her comfort zone a bit more, perhaps she could’ve gained the competitive edge she needed to prevail. Nevertheless, we are certain a bright future in the culinary arts lies ahead for young Dara and many of the show’s previous contestants.


Regardless of what one thinks of the final dishes, the entire competition has been impressive. All of the young chefs did an amazing job, and it’s hard to imagine how they cope with the kind of pressure that sends most adults into panic and stage fright. They both kept it together for the most part and were successful. The finale pulled in a nice ratings spike for the broadcasting network, so we’re hoping to see Master Chef Junior back again for another season. In the meantime, Gordon Ramsay continues to deliver excellent culinary entertainment with his brand of shows. Nine or ninety, the chefs on these television shows continue to impress as some of us struggle to make toast without burning it.


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Rome: TV Series

Rome TV ShowI love historical epics. Ben-Hur, Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, you name it.  If it takes place in the past and has some kind of historical significance and a true to life about famous people from antiquity, I’m ready to sign up and watch this second.  There is something very intriguing about watching what lives might have been like way back then.

Rome, the venerable TV series that ran for a mere 2 seasons and 22 episodes, set the standard for what historical epics on TV could achieve and paved the way for some current juggernaut programs like Game of Thrones.  I think there are some interesting parallels between them.

With Rome, set in the ancient times of Rome’s vast empire, HBO spared no expense with their attention to detail.  The sets were outstanding, next level.  The time period is just before Julius Caesar was assassinated, which happens during the show by the way, and Rome’s Republic is beginning to crumble.  These are turbulent times indeed.  But amidst all the chaos and slaughter by Rome’s mighty legions is a very human story.


The writers wisely chose to show much of the series’ perspective from the viewpoint of two ground level soldiers in Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, both of whom are based on real Roman figures.  Much of the show is from their point of view and this helps to focus the show’s massive scale to a more manageable level.  You must, as a watcher, care about the characters and while Pullo is not the greatest person in the world because of his thirst for violence and Lucious is a bit too strict, you care about them because they are only the way they are because of the times they are living in.


Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Brutus, even Cleopatra makes an appearance and for us as viewers, we are transported away to ancient Rome, where back stabbing schemes of conquest are made and people live and die brutal lives.  I love what we have here with this show but I wish they had figured out how to keep costs down so we could have gotten another season because there was so much more potential.

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AT&T U-verse Is Superior To The Competition

There’s more to AT&T than ever before. Click right here to find out how AT&T U-verse has expanded the home entertainment and communication services it offers its valued customers, providing more money saving offers and great value for any household.


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AT&T can give you a programming package that provides DVR services for recording up to four shows at one time. With DVR service, you can rewind, pause and fast forward through programming, even if its live programming. This programming is there for you when you are tired after a long day of work or when you have a schedule to keep with after-school practices and activities. There are so many benefits to having a DVR because it provides a customized lineup of suitable programming for the entire family, anytime you and your children have time to watch it.

It is very important to be mobile, even at home, when you have children. AT&T U-verse TV makes program viewing easier with the ability to move from room to room with the feature that lets you pick up where you left off in the last room you watched it in. They can move from the living room to the kitchen or finish them in their rooms at bed time. You can even allow them to watch four shows at once. This is a versatile service that works with your family, no matter what the viewing habits are in your home.

When it comes to high-speed internet services, AT&T U-verse can provide a complete wireless experience for tablets, laptops and smartphones. Take your internet connection with you to the kitchen while you look for something to cook for dinner or the porch watch your online programming. The choice is yours in a variety of home service internet packages.

You can choose from one of five packages to provide for your internet needs. These packages can cover the basic needs of a casual user or satisfy the intense demand that avid gamers can place on it. These packages can give you as much as 24 Mbps for networking, gaming, online banking, shopping and bill pays. Completing online tasks can save money and time that you can put towards your family and other obligations.


These services come online security and wireless services. You can even get access when you are not at home with the A&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network, allowing for instant, secure connections wherever you are, at no additional charge.

AT&T can provide for your home communications needs, as well. With  one calling plan, you are able to get features like TV Screen Caller ID and Call History, which gives you access to all of your latest calls. You can look these calls up online or even the television. AT&T can also provide Call Screening and Click to Call, a feature that lets you return your missed calls directly from your television. You can even get the exclusive call forwarding feature through AT&T that allows you to forward up to 20 different numbers to a single phone.

For any numbers that are not on your personal list, the calls will forward directly to your voice mail so that you aren’t bothered with calls you don’t want to take. The best part about this service is that if you decide you don’t want to use a feature anymore, you can deactivate it, or even reactivate from you home phone.

With this service provider, you can make calls to destinations within the US, Canada and US Territories. This puts the people you want to talk to within hands reach, no matter what time you want to talk to them.

With a bundled service package, you can get these three services in a single monthly bill, for a set monthly rate. With so much to choose from, AT&T is the provider of choice of choice for millions.

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Robin Williams TV Comeback

Robin Williams has long be


With Mork, Robin Williams had a character that allowed him to use his incredible improvisation skills to the utmost.  Much of his dialogue was unscripted and so were many of his physical antics that became a trademark for his style of comedy.  Frantic, frenetic, energetic to the extreme, that is Robin Williams!en a comedic staple the world over.  Like many comedians, Williams began his career as a stand-up performer in the 1970’s, first appearing on television on the hit series Happy Days as Mork, the lovable alien that later produced a spin off series called Mork and Mindy.

After a successful run for four years and 94 episodes, Mork and Mindy went off the air in 1982, Williams all the while continuing to perfect his stand-up comedy and skills in shows all over America.  Later in that decade, Williams hit it big with a string of hit films, three of which garnered him Academy Award nominations and two of them Golden Globe wins.  These include Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and The Fisher King; in 1997 he finally won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting (Best Supporting Actor).

The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones

Williams has continued to enchant audiences with both his film roles and his stand-up routine but now it seems he wants to get back to his TV roots with the announcement of a new show on CBS called The Crazy Ones.  Williams will star as Simon Roberts, a Chicago based ad executive.  Williams has stated that his recent run doing independent films has both rewarding but also frustrating because of low pay and the lack of distribution with some releases.

He’s also lost a great deal of his fortune due to two divorces and “has bills to pay”.  One can’t blame him.  It’s expensive to be a celebrity, one gets accustomed to a certain lifestyle and while Williams has been honest about his downsizing, he’s smart to begin to look for alternate work.  Going back to television will give him a chance to get back to where he started and to use his comedic skills to best effect.

Sarah Michelle Gellar will star opposite as both a business colleague and daughter and thus far, a total of thirteen episodes have been ordered for the show.  This marks the first time Williams has stared as a full time regular on a TV program since 1982 and while there is little buzz so far, this has the potential to be a fantastic show.


Only time will tell if The Crazy Ones is successful, but at least America gets to see Williams back to what he does best: entertaining people.

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Comcast XFINITY Promos Will Make You Smile

Comcast XFINITY Promos Will Make You Smile


Comcast Cable Services provide extensive access to the best home technologies in the world 24/7.  Ideal for saving time and enjoying more of it in the busy 21st century these services include Digital TV with HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice.  Order these elaborate services online in any combination. You are guaranteed to save money every day with these home services that include the best features so that you never have to purchase extra equipment. Check out the current XFINITY Promos right here at at

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