AT&T U-verse Is Superior To The Competition

There’s more to AT&T than ever before. Click right here to find out how AT&T U-verse has expanded the home entertainment and communication services it offers its valued customers, providing more money saving offers and great value for any household.


AT&T U-verse has the exciting programming options your family wants and needs to get a quality viewing experience at home. This programming, along with the viewing features AT&T has to offer, can provide a customized and completely controllable viewing experience that can be appreciated by all of the age groups in your home.

AT&T can give you a programming package that provides DVR services for recording up to four shows at one time. With DVR service, you can rewind, pause and fast forward through programming, even if its live programming. This programming is there for you when you are tired after a long day of work or when you have a schedule to keep with after-school practices and activities. There are so many benefits to having a DVR because it provides a customized lineup of suitable programming for the entire family, anytime you and your children have time to watch it.

It is very important to be mobile, even at home, when you have children. AT&T U-verse TV makes program viewing easier with the ability to move from room to room with the feature that lets you pick up where you left off in the last room you watched it in. They can move from the living room to the kitchen or finish them in their rooms at bed time. You can even allow them to watch four shows at once. This is a versatile service that works with your family, no matter what the viewing habits are in your home.

When it comes to high-speed internet services, AT&T U-verse can provide a complete wireless experience for tablets, laptops and smartphones. Take your internet connection with you to the kitchen while you look for something to cook for dinner or the porch watch your online programming. The choice is yours in a variety of home service internet packages.

You can choose from one of five packages to provide for your internet needs. These packages can cover the basic needs of a casual user or satisfy the intense demand that avid gamers can place on it. These packages can give you as much as 24 Mbps for networking, gaming, online banking, shopping and bill pays. Completing online tasks can save money and time that you can put towards your family and other obligations.


These services come online security and wireless services. You can even get access when you are not at home with the A&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network, allowing for instant, secure connections wherever you are, at no additional charge.

AT&T can provide for your home communications needs, as well. With  one calling plan, you are able to get features like TV Screen Caller ID and Call History, which gives you access to all of your latest calls. You can look these calls up online or even the television. AT&T can also provide Call Screening and Click to Call, a feature that lets you return your missed calls directly from your television. You can even get the exclusive call forwarding feature through AT&T that allows you to forward up to 20 different numbers to a single phone.

For any numbers that are not on your personal list, the calls will forward directly to your voice mail so that you aren’t bothered with calls you don’t want to take. The best part about this service is that if you decide you don’t want to use a feature anymore, you can deactivate it, or even reactivate from you home phone.

With this service provider, you can make calls to destinations within the US, Canada and US Territories. This puts the people you want to talk to within hands reach, no matter what time you want to talk to them.

With a bundled service package, you can get these three services in a single monthly bill, for a set monthly rate. With so much to choose from, AT&T is the provider of choice of choice for millions.

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