Why Brooklyn Nine Nine Is Successful


Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most popular comedies currently airing—not only has the show been receiving good ratings, it has also been receiving very good press from critics as well as viewers. The show has definitely benefitted from word of mouth, as its ratings have increased in recent episodes and more people than ever are tweeting, blogging and posting about the show. But why has Brooklyn Nine Nine become so successful? Let’s take a look at the top three reasons that the show has become a hit.

It’s not yet another cop drama

Let’s face it: there are just too many cop dramas on television. And yes, that includes the many different incarnations of Law and Order. People who love cop dramas have more than enough shows to choose from; and people who are tired of them certainly don’t want to watch ‘yet another’ one. That is why Brooklyn Nine Nine’s comedic take on a police precinct is so refreshing—it simply hasn’t been done in many years. The show is essentially a “workplace” comedy that just so happens to be set in a police precinct.


The cast is hilarious

It’s hard to find a comedy cast that is as well-rounded and yet consistently hilarious as the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine. The cast includes comedy veteran Andy Samberg; Stephanie Beatriz; Melissa Fumero;  and Andre Braugher in its main cast. Each of these characters—from the main cast all the way down to the shortest of the show’s many guest stars—has managed to imbue their character and performance with realistic comedic wit.

It has heart

The show, while essentially a workplace comedy is not above tugging at your heartstrings or interweaving some dramatic or realistic elements into the story that aren’t always about the laughs. Captain Holt’s character is often a source of these heartfelt moments; in one episode, for example, Holt is threatened by the Commissioner after the Commissioner’s son is caught vandalizing police cars. Holt responds to the Commissioner’s threat with what is now one of the show’s most famous quotes: “you’re gonna have to try a little harder if you want to scare me. I’ve been an openly gay cop since 1987, so you’re not the first superior officer to threaten me. You know how I’m still standing here? ’Cause I do my job. And I do it right.” You can find more information on Brooklyn Nine-Nine here.


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