The Odd Couple: Fans’ Mixed Feelings

Starring Mathew Perry and Thomas Lennon, The Odd Couple follows the lives of two guys who have both been kicked out by their wives. They decide to share an apartment, but their differences make for a troubled life.


The comedy has only aired for one season, but it’s set to come back next year for a second. With a few big names starring in the show, it’s already has managed to gain a rather large viewership, but it seems fans have mixed feelings about the show.

On IMDb, The Odd Couple has received a rating of 6.3/10. users have given it a rotten 24%. The stars of the show, though, are holding their heads and hopes high and say much more is in store for the second season.

Reviewers of the show all have just about the same critique: it’s not very funny. An unfortunately for this show, that’s about the worst critique a comedy can get.


Fans say the jokes seem canned and the dialog stiff. Others add the laugh track becomes noticeable and almost annoying when you hear it “laughing along without you.” Fans and critics have been harsh, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped the producers.

Airing weekly on CBS, the first season’s episodes had a great chance for gained viewership since it was set to air after the Big Bang Theory. But, viewers who gave the show a chance said it simply didn’t live up to their expectations.

With the great comedy fans of Matthew Perry have begun to expect ever since his iconic role on Friends, it seems the majority of The Odd Couple viewers were basically disappointed at the jokes. Many said they felt forced, and others mentioned the dialog was just “stale sounding.”


But, it seems those who like the show love the show, with many stepping up to defend the series even when it was just a few episodes in. Critics have responded to these reactions, questioning if fans were defending the show itself, or the actors (with most obviously speculating the latter).

Even with reviewers saying it was a little too heavy on the laugh track and too light on the jokes, many say they plan to see what’s in store for next season, with most of the harsh reviewers pointing out that they realize some series take a while to get on their feet.

Critics have continued to down the show, with most adding that Matthew Perry’s fan base is likely the reason the show is being given a second chance. Whatever the case is, viewers are hoping next season will have more comedy in store. While it wouldn’t be the first failed series with a big star, viewers of The Odd Couple have continued defending it by adding the casting was strong, and some saying the concept was original (which is far-fetched to say the least).

The Odd Couple is obviously based on a common premise in comedy: take two people who are completely opposite in character, stick them together, and see what happens. Viewers who disliked the show took the chance to point out the “bland plot” and some contradicted the show’s personal defendants by stating that both the concept and jokes are “very unoriginal.”

No matter what side you stand on regarding originality, whether you’ve watched The Odd Couple yet or not, you will have the chance to see it air next year. CBS hasn’t made any further plans beyond the second season, though, and critics aren’t letting off of the show’s lack of jokes and abundance of laugh-track recordings.

Even though the show is getting a good amount of negative attention, CBS is standing by the series with the hope of turning it around during season two. The stars haven’t said too much about the show’s success, but both have stated they think season two is going to be a lot stronger.

Fans of both Matthew and The Odd Couple may just end up giving the series a second chance to redeem itself next time around, and those who had a negative experience with the first season have admitted they will be returning to see what the show can do. Until then, debates and critiques of the show are still being thrown around, and interviews with the stars have revealed that the show did end up doing pretty well during the first 13-episode run (at least good enough to justify season 2). No matter what the second season entails, there’s a good chance many viewers will be returning with an open mind. When you sign up for one of these Dish Network Packages you can watch many of the old episodes.

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