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With Mork, Robin Williams had a character that allowed him to use his incredible improvisation skills to the utmost.  Much of his dialogue was unscripted and so were many of his physical antics that became a trademark for his style of comedy.  Frantic, frenetic, energetic to the extreme, that is Robin Williams!en a comedic staple the world over.  Like many comedians, Williams began his career as a stand-up performer in the 1970’s, first appearing on television on the hit series Happy Days as Mork, the lovable alien that later produced a spin off series called Mork and Mindy.

After a successful run for four years and 94 episodes, Mork and Mindy went off the air in 1982, Williams all the while continuing to perfect his stand-up comedy and skills in shows all over America.  Later in that decade, Williams hit it big with a string of hit films, three of which garnered him Academy Award nominations and two of them Golden Globe wins.  These include Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and The Fisher King; in 1997 he finally won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting (Best Supporting Actor).

The Crazy Ones

The Crazy Ones

Williams has continued to enchant audiences with both his film roles and his stand-up routine but now it seems he wants to get back to his TV roots with the announcement of a new show on CBS called The Crazy Ones.  Williams will star as Simon Roberts, a Chicago based ad executive.  Williams has stated that his recent run doing independent films has both rewarding but also frustrating because of low pay and the lack of distribution with some releases.

He’s also lost a great deal of his fortune due to two divorces and “has bills to pay”.  One can’t blame him.  It’s expensive to be a celebrity, one gets accustomed to a certain lifestyle and while Williams has been honest about his downsizing, he’s smart to begin to look for alternate work.  Going back to television will give him a chance to get back to where he started and to use his comedic skills to best effect.

Sarah Michelle Gellar will star opposite as both a business colleague and daughter and thus far, a total of thirteen episodes have been ordered for the show.  This marks the first time Williams has stared as a full time regular on a TV program since 1982 and while there is little buzz so far, this has the potential to be a fantastic show.


Only time will tell if The Crazy Ones is successful, but at least America gets to see Williams back to what he does best: entertaining people.

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