Social Media Addiction



What is it about social media that is so addictive? If you are tied to your smartphone or laptop all day or if you find yourself checking your social site multiple times a day, you may suffer from FOMO. Don’t feel bad though. You are not alone.

According to current data collected by online social sites, 56% of online media users stay connected to their devices because they are afraid of missing out. This is called the FOMO condition- the condition of having fear of missing out. This fear has turned into an addiction that keeps social media users tied to their devices for hours every day. Users want to know what is happening in events, updates and news as soon as it is posted. That requires constant attention to the device, leaving other responsibilities lacking.

This addiction to social media is so bad that at least 26% of social users said they would be willing to give up other addictions if they had to choose between them and their social media sites. This includes reality TV and smoking cigarettes. And, it appears that there are even more people using these sites than ever before. The numbers social media users have gone up in the last two years by 51% and of the people that use these sites, 27% of them check their for updates and news as soon as they wake up.

It was also discovered that 42% of these users have multiple account and of that 42%, 61% of these users 18-34.

If you have these symptoms, relax. You are in the majority and there are no permanent side effects. You may have to suffer from slight withdrawal should you ever decide to lay your smartphone down permanently. However, other than the nagging urge to sign on, you should be fine.

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